Drainage / Soakaways

Soakaway's are a square or circular excavation that allow surface water to be stored in one location and gradually released back in to ground a bit at a time at a pace that the ground can handle rather than in one suddern downpour. Soakaway's are needed in drives, carparks and for downpipes from guttering. Below describes different soakaway systems for different situations.


WHITE & SONS offer a complete drainage solution for your home or commercial premises. All of our surfacing and driveways include permeable solutions which comply with driveway legislation as follows:

“From 1 October 2008 new rules apply for householders wanting a hard surface over their front gardens. If the surface to be covered is more than five square metres, you will need planning permission for laying traditional, impermeable driveways that do not control rainwater running off onto roads. This will apply to new driveways, drive extensions or drive replacements. You will NOT need planning permission if the surface to be covered is less than five square metres or if the new surface is permeable or porous or if a traditional surface is laid and the rainwater is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally or if it is directed to a soakaway via a drainage channel.”

WHITE & SONS offer commercial driveway, paving and surfacing services to a variety of clients across the South West. 

We have been laying driveways in Bournemouth & Poole since 1935.

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Plastic Crate style Soakaway


The plastic crate style soakaway is used more for medium to large driveways / small carparks. They are also used for several downpipes leading to one soakaway. The cells are lightweight plastic structures with a high void ratio. This allows them to be buried in the ground providing a storage area for water while it percolates into the surrounding soil. Because they are also fairly strong, they can be covered with a layer of soil and grassed over.

Concrete Perforated Ring Soakaway

This soakaway is for large carparks. Soakaway's can provide a long-term, effective method of disposal of storm water from impermeable areas of several hundreds of square metres. 

Brickwork Style Soakaway


This soakaway is best suited for domestic driveway or down pipes. These soakaway's are made up of brickwork laid honeycomb style. They are either square or circular pits filled with hardcore. This allows the surface water to drain through and slowly disperse back in to ground.

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