Whatever you need fencing for, and wherever you need it, White & Sons will supply and erect your fencing quickly and efficiently – leaving you with great-looking, functional fencing to suit specifications. We provide and erect wooden fencing of all types, including close board, panel, palisade and post and rail. And if you have any boarding and hoarding works that need to be carried out, we can help with these too.

Fencing is installed for many reasons

         As a decorative feature.

         For privacy.

         As a wind break.

         As a boundary.

White & Sons can meet all your fencing needs. We supply and install all types of fencing including garden fencing. Fencing posts can be timber or concrete and are usually set in a concrete base or metal fence post spikes, if preferred. The standard wooden fence post used will be a pressure treated 100mm x 100mm. Gravel boards can be either wooden or concrete depending on choice and circumstances.

Typical types of fencing:

         Wooden Palisade Fencing.

         Lapped Panel Fencing.

         Close Board Panel Fencing.

         Interwoven Panel Fencing.

         Trellis Fencing.

         Post and Rail Fencing.

Timber panels and posts are often pre treated/dipped so they are resistant against weather conditions making their shelf life longer. This also reduces the need for fence maintenance such as painting. It is important to choose the correct materials to serve its purpose as well as it fitting in with the its surroundings.

Types of panels:

Types of posts:

         Closeboard (highly recommended as is very strong).



         Polish panels.





White & Sons offer a variety of ideas and designs to suit you home, personality and budget. We aim to install your fence with the minimum disruption to your garden, time and pocket.


We have been building brick and block walls for many years. We can build a wall to your design.

A wall is a feature and can add value to your home. We have many former projects that can be viewed for design ideas and to view the highly skilled craftsmanship that we offer. 

Walls Fencing & Gates

Fencing and gates

Our friendly team will have your fence and gates up in no time so you can start enjoying your garden. There are many choices of fencing and gates that can create a feature as well as give you privacy in your garden.

We can design this to your specification. We use good quality material so you can rest assured that your fence and gates are built to last.